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Some recent TV/Film scoring news. My composing partner Dan Rufolo and I are hard at work finishing the score to a great upcoming horror comedy feature film called STAG. More on that soon. I also co-wrote a song with my old friend and colleague Niko Xidas called The Kingdom which was featured on Amazon Prime's The Expanse (episode 605: "Why We Fight). Also, if you have kids, you might have heard my jazz trio song Fly used in a recent episode of Nickelodeon's Unfiltered. You can hear these songs in the Film/TV Scoring section. 


I am so excited to share the newest film scored by Dan Rufolo and me. This is a beautiful animated short film called Grump In The Night, directed and animated by Kris Theorin and produced by our friends at Somethings Awry Productions.

One stormy night, a man is awoken by strange noises downstairs and soon finds himself facing off with a TV-loving poltergeist. Watch the film here!

Photos By: Sam Beggins, Lauren Desberg, and Roberto PhotoRizz