"This project is simply stunning and worth a closer look" - Genesis-News.com 

"Seamless…airtight. A forceful trio with an affinity for nuance.” - Downbeat Magazine 

"Hands down the best piano trio in North America" - Brent Black, CriticalJazz.com 

"Scary good...One of the top 10 albums of 2012" - Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer 

"Their fluidity is absolutely matchless...this ensemble tirelessly stretches the boundaries of our imaginations as listeners" - Rob Young Urbanflux 

“It’s the adamantine group aesthetic that answers why this jazz trio is not like the others. ‘Youngblood’ definitely leaves a mark, and left me huddled in the fetal position, repeatedly muttering, ‘Thank you, sir. May I have another?’ ” - J Hunter, Nippertown Magazine